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Dear buyers in April 2022,
Thank you for your orders once again. Your purchases are safe and guaranteed,
but we have a trouble on our side - PayPal has blocked our account with no explanation of reasons why they did it.

That's why we send you personal letters and kinlly ask to get full refunds and resend your payments
directly to the manufacturer's PayPal account.

This message is published here to show the letters are really coming from defenseumbrella.com

More details:
All the money we've received for umbrellas from 1st April to 3rd May were taken by PayPal for no reason. In this regard, we are kindly asking each buyer who paid us in this period to file a claim (item not received or received not as described) and get a full refund. Your payments will be refunded to you automatically because our account was restriced (so refunds are made by the system right away, no long disputes).

Then please get your parcel. Make sure your umbrella is original and in excellent condition. After that, please send your payment again, this time directly to the Unbreakable Umbrella manufacturer (NTOI): https://real-self-defense.com/

Paypal address: orders@real-self-defense.com

We rely on your honesty and ask to keep 5% for the inconvenience with this situation.
Please don't forget to put a note that this payment is made for a received order from defenseumbrella.com and add your order number.

We are a relaively small dealer of NTOI, responsibly operating for 13 years. Losing all these payments is very sensitive for our operation. We would appreciete your help in resolving it for us to keep supplying the original Unbreakable Umbrella with free international tracked shipping.

Best regards,
Alex van Riesen
defenseumbrella.com site owner

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