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Our statement on conflict in Ukraine

As an authorized dealer for the Unbreakable® Umbrella, we officially operate in Russian economic zone since 2008. We ship to Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and other Asian and Pacific countries.

This site is operated by a family of a Russian-German and a Russian-Ukrainian,
who have relatives on both sides of the Russian-Ukrainian border and don't support
this war since its start in 2014.

Our position:

That's how a Russian-Ukrainian border should look like:

We continue to ship everywhere, including Ukraine.

PayPal does not work with new payments but we accept Visa, MC and Google Pay.
Local regulations ask us to charge in Russian rubles (exchange rates are applied automatically, no overpaying). Plus, we give a discount for all orders paid by cards or Google Pay, to guarantee lower purchase price than we could offer for orders paid through PayPal.

All our shipments are tracked and insured - state postal service works reliably. We guarantee you will get your order. Should your order be lost during shipment
(as reflected in the tracking information), we shall reship your order to you at our own cost or refund you its purchase price.

With hope for peace for all,

Alex and Jane Van Riesen
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